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Presenter, Producer, Voiceover

About Me.

I am a professional Presenter, Voiceover Artist and Radio Presenter and I am also trained in all aspects of the arts.

I have worked as a live host, radio presenter, digital media presenter and a Live TV Presenter. 
I have worked on various Radio Stations throughout the UK and have a very anecdotal, chatty presenter style with great knowledge of music and Artists Worldwide.  I'm an over-sharer and am the best friend on air.

For Presenting and filming work, I specialise in Live, Pre-recorded and Educational/corporate videos.  I am skilled in Entertainment presenting, E-Learning, Corporate events, Marketing Videos and even children's entertainment.  I have gained extra skills throughout my career in content creation, scripting, producing, filming and editing, so I am able to deliver you the full package.  I have 6 years experience and am a hardworking, keen, energetic presenter and love bringing projects to life.

My credits include:  MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, BBC, Virgin, Curry's and Peloton.

I am a creative, so I am confident with content creation and producing a script mys​elf.  I am also skilled at using autocue and talk back and working with live production and multiple cameras.  I am versatile and able to take direction and create the content needed for your brand.  

Take a look around at my work and feel free to contact me if you'd like to work with me, be it on a project, for a live event or a voice to jazz up your advertising idea!
COVID 19:  I have a full Home Studio setup for filming and voice overs with a professional mic, lighting, DSLR camera and a teleprompter.  I have a green screen and access to various studios.  I am able to turn around voiceovers within 24 Hours.

Shahid Hussain, Editor at BBC Radio

It’s been amazing to see listener response increase to Daisie-Belle’s personable style of presentation. Daisie-Belle has done what every show needs from a presenter - to gain trust from listeners and create a best friend on air.

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