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From 2015-1017, I produced, created and presented my own show on Boogaloo Radio in London, every Saturday afternoon -  ‘Happy Dais with Daisie-Belle’  which featured new music from around the World, some mainstream and alot of Indie Pop. My show was fun and informative about the artists and music and I worked to get sponsors to advertise events happening and pop ups around London.  I would set up live lounge sessions and interview the artists every week.  The station is home to some great household names including David Morrissey and Alex Zane.


I am confident working with various different radio software, I have worked with Myriad and various other programmes.  I enjoy sourcing new talent and broadcasting up-and-coming artists, aswell as chatting to them and learning about their journey. 

 I was a Finalist for BBC New Voices 2019.
I was the voice of Superdrug from 2018-2022 for Superdrug Live, which aired to the 800+ stores across the UK, 11-3pm.  I would trial and test products to natually advertise on air, as well as producing my own show to keep it up to date with current affairs and all the latest music and artist news!

Most recently, I am the evening show presenter AT BBC Radio Northampton and regularly cover BBC Breakfast and Drive.  I regularly report live from events, adapting to lots of different situations and topics.
I have also hosted Weekend Breakfast, Afternoons and can confidently drive the desk for other presenters, too.
I also cover on BBC 3 Counties.

Features include my Daisie Dates segment, an hour with panellists featuring various dating topics.
Happy Dais with Daisie-Belle - my 3 pieces of happy news from all over the World!


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