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Tech Presenting 

With over 82,000 views, this video guides you through the Dyson Haircare Range.

Having worked closely with the production team for 2-3 years now, I have a vast knowledge across brands such as LG, Sony, Samsung, JBL, Dyson and many other huge brands.
I enjoy talking about tech and working with tech and finding interesting ways to demonstrate new leading innovative technologies in a fun, prompt way for online content creation.

This video, with 544,000 views, shows some ad-libbing with the Tech Influencer, setting the scene and delving in to the amazing technology behind this TV.
The product test in this video shows a fun, creative and sharp way to portray an excellent TV through content creation.

I have been working closely with Laureti Group, which is driving the automobile industry and changing the passenger experience.

Here, you will find an interview with the CEO, Marcus Paleti, where I am finding out how he is focusing on helping women stay safe when travelling whilst changing the future of mobility.

I am passionate about talking about women's safety and this was a very interesting conversation.

I have hosted The Whitepaper Launch for Laureti and hosted various members within the EU Senate, talking about this technology and how they can help bring this technology throughout Europe.

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